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1+1 International is an international version of 1+1 Media
School project 1+1
Major 1+1 Series
gains top positions
in Ukrainian TV ratings
2 seasons
32 series
For example the latest series #School - has become the most rated project on February 2018, when it was firstly on air. It tells an honest story about life and problems of teenage girls and boys and provokes active discussions in social networks.
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TSN project 1+1
The most stunning
and actual news
1997 – 2019
Television Service of News (TSN) is Ukraine’s #1 news program. More than 85% of Ukrainian TV viewers (4+, Ukraine) watch the program which is almost 32M viewers.
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Servant of the people project 1+1
International appreciation
2015 - 2018
2 seasons
48 series
Ukrainian series “Servant of the people” was bought by the world's leading internet entertainment service Netflix. The story tells about school teacher who accidentally becomes the President of the country and begins to fight corruption.
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1+1 International audience
Every 5th Ukrainian
is watching 1+1 Media
1+1 media group leader in prime time
audience share - 20% all Ukraine, 18-54
The current population of Ukraine is 43,931,802
woman audience
man audience
TV for numerous abroad Ukrainian families
1+1 intearnational audience
4-7 y.o
18-34 y.o
35-54 y.o
55+ y.o
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TSN project 1+1
Satelite settings
1+1 International is transmitted in Europe via the Astra A4 satellite in coded form. MPEG-4 video compression. Also viewers can watch the channel as before in the partner cable satellite and IPTV networks.